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Comunitatea XB has many game Steam Groups.

The main group is XB[RO] >>view members<<

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"Design is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system.''

An Art that mostly implies Hard Work and Creativity but also Inspiration and Passion.

On the other hand THIS is the Art of building functionality, integrating modules and components, the result acting as an interactive user interface.

Individuals within Society want to Express their own Tastes, their own Individuality, Personal Style and Personal Self-image through what they use and purchase.

The main issue is that Emotions have a Crucial role in the Human Ability to understand the World, and how they Learn New Things.

For example: aesthetically pleasing objects appear to the user to be more Effective, by Virtue of their Sensual Appeal.

This is due to the Affinity the User Feels for an Object that appeals to him, due to the formation of an Emotional Connection [with the object].

If you take this into account then is Design the ability to evoke Emotions from the person interacting with it?

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